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PhD Scholar

Satadru joined the PhD programme at IIT Gandhinagar in the winter semester of 2018-2019 academic session. Before starting his PhD Satadru worked as a junior research fellow at the chemical engineering department of IISER Bhopal. He worked on advanced oxidation processes for pollutant degradation during that period. Satadru received his bachelors and masters' degrees in chemical engineering from NIT Agartala, and IIT Guwahati respectively. He has also worked as a production engineer at Sharp Global Limited (a menthol production company) after graduating from NIT Agartala.
In his PhD research Satadru plans to synthesize various combination of nanostructures resulting in heterostructures, (for example 2D nanosheets embedded with 0D quantum dots) and utilizing them for a plethora of applications such as photo-catalysis, electro-catalysis, energy storage/evolution etc.

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Satadru Chakrabarty

2015 - 2017

Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati

M.Tech, Chemical Engineering with specialization in Petroleum Science and Technology

2009 - 2013

National Institute of Technology, Agartala

B.Tech. Chemical Engineering


2019 - Present

IIT Gandhinagar

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering


Synthesis of nanomaterials and nanohybrids

Use in electrochemistry and energy storage

Synthesis of carbon quantum dots

transformation of organic solvents to quantum dots and its potential applications

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