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Principal Investigator

Kabeer is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at IITGN and serves the role of Principal Investigator. His doctoral work was based on the science of interfacing graphene nanosheets with gold nanoparticles. He and his group members develop new synthetic routes to realize nano-dimensional materials that resemble graphene but are rich in boron with an aim to develop functional materials which can benefit from the nanoscaled boron. He integrates methodical teaching with the research activities and also serves as Dean of Academic Affairs at IITGN. He is on the editorial board for Scientific Reports (Nature) and is also a reviewer for ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Carbon, and Journal of Chemical Sciences.

Prof. Kabeer Jasuja

2011 - 2012

Northwestern University

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

2007 - 2011

Kansas State University

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

The Chemistry of Energy Storage

Utilizing Nanosheets for developing materials that can be used in storing energy.

Assembly of Nanosheets

Developing macrostructures by assembling nanosheets


Interfacing Nanosheets with other nanomaterials to develop novel nanocomposites.

2003 - 2007

IIT Kharagpur

B.Tech. Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering

Synthesis of Nanosheets

Developing new methods to synthesize graphene analogs



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