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PhD Scholar

Anshul received his B.Tech. from National Institute of Technology, Srinagar in 2019. He joined Start Early PhD programme at IIT Gandhinagar for pursuing PhD in the Discipline of Chemical Engineering. He is currently working on synthesis methods for exfoliating minimally functionalized transition metal diboride nanosheets. In the near future, he plans to prepare polymer composites of these nanosheets and work on its electrical and electronic properties. He also plans to utilize this nanosheets to develop FET sensors.


Anshul Rasyotra

2019 - Present

IIT Gandhinagar

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Electrical and Electronic properties of nanosheets

Studying basic electrical behaviour of nanosheets and utilizing nanosheets for developing FET sensors


Interfacing Nanosheets with molecules of interest develop novel functional nanocomposites.

2015 - 2019

National Institute of Technology, Srinagar

B.Tech. Chemical Engineering

Facile Synthesis of Nanosheets

Developing innovative recipe to synthesize Minimally functionalized boron nanosheets



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